The Annual Meeting of Teaching Members of the Affiliated Societies is open to all active teaching members of the Alexander Technique Affiliated Socities


2016 Meeting:
Location: Cortijo Romero, Orgiva, Spain

23rd July – 30th of July 2016
Please contact Maggy Breuer for Information


2017 Meeting:
Location: Lychen Germany

29th of July to the 5th of August
Please contact Ulli Pawlas for information.

All teachers of the F.M. Alexander Technique, who are members of ATAS Societies (Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies) are invited.

Our meetings are non-profit events. Participation in the meeting is only for those who can attend the whole week.

Our get-togethers are to promote and support exchange and communication amongst the members of the individual societies belonging to ATAS. Participation in the workshops and the work exchange is for Alexander teachers only.

The special constructive atmosphere of our meetings is created through the common learning and experiencing of the whole group. For this reason there is only one event at one time. This means during the workshops or work- exchange there are no parallel events offered.

Family members are invited to participate at the events in the evening, and there are possibilities to receive individual Alexander work. Children are always very welcome at the meeting, except at workshops and work- exchange times.

There will be workshops in the morning and the late afternoon led by participants. In the early afternoon we will have time to exchange work with our colleagues.

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